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Things to tell your friend who has lost an election

Look at it this way. We have all been rejected. But you have been rejected by the whole country. You are a legend!

Hey, at least you can now take those posters down. Man, they were so embarrassing! You looked like you were constipated from eating too many dried mukene.

You’re lucky you didn’t win. You know what happens to the winners? For five years people be complaining and whining at them, blaming all their zibs on them. At least you didn’t win, so you can now be the one whining and complaining and blaming all your zibs on someone else. Blame Joel Senyonyi for the fact that you lost in Ludo again.

The fact that you didn’t win doesn’t mean you are not a good leader. It just means people didn’t think you were good enough. Never mind the fact that so many really really lousy bogus crap leaders have managed to be elected in uganda. In fact, maybe the fact that you didn’t win means you are a good leader, because Uganda seems more likely to elect bad leaders than competent ones.

Don’t worry about not winning. There are plenty of opportunities for corruption and embezzlement and cronyism in the private sector.


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