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What is wrong with the breed of men in this generation?

Connie Nankya

The word “gossip” is a term that is sometimes common among women. However in new developments, it is such a shock to learn that some men do it more than the women do.

Over lunch one day, it was startling to hear a group of four men holding a discussion that encompassed all aspects of their life. They sulked about everything from the maid’s character, fending for their families, the nagging wife (yes, one persistently talked about his wife like she was a total stranger), blah blah.

They cared less about the neighbours around or their shocked faces. They went on and made it hard for one to ignore their nasty conversation.

Everything about this situation looked so wrong. How a man starts to wash his dirty linen in public before all and sundry is a sad state altogether. What is even worse is if it puts everything that they are supposed to protect and care for on the line. I mean if one was among the people at that eatery, they would not wish to meet the women, children and so on in the picture because then, they probably would know everything about them at first sight.

When did society get infested with this breed of people? I thought men are supposed to protect their own, yeah, cherish it and be the epitome of pride. This though gave everything a whole different outlook altogether.

I guess this is why we have so many men abandoning their families and acting like it is okay. Others behaving like they would need another phase of “raising up” to rise to the occasion.

We have more people whining than acting up to solve their problems. On another sad note, my friend and I walked into a popular photo studio to pick a number of photos we had previously taken. To our dismay, the man attending to the studio told us he was having a bad day hence could not search for our photographs. He looked like he had just had a bitter cat fight. Again, before I could even say a word, I asked, what is wrong with the breed of men in this generation?

Growing up, we watched fathers taking charge of situations. I guess it is because they were raised that way, knowing what it entails to be a man. In these last two phases though, the whining lot and the man that can comfortably play around with their source of income is just so worrying.

One can only hope that it is just a few in this clan hence, no need to worry but remain focused on raising the best out of every situation and helping those who can take in the help despite the age bracket, huh! In the end, life too is a continuous lesson for as long as we are alive, right?

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