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Connie Tiffs

Dear women, you can twin with your kid looking decent

Connie Nankya

A three-year-old dressed like an adult version of a “Barbie” doll can be a shocking sight.

I mean, a pair of high heels, hair extensions, a fully made up face, micro minis and crop tops to complete the ensemble. How does one even allow this kind of thing to happen? What happened to letting children be children?

Why introduce them to such habits that are not only strenuous to their little, growing bodies but also instill a culture that might end up confusing them altogether as they try to keep up and at the same time balance everything that comes with being a child.

Some parents today are losing it all under funny umbrellas such as “twinning” but end up “twinning” in the wrong way. If we want to dress up in similar outfits with our children, can we at least have versions to suit the children and those for adults while maintaining the theme altogether? We all know how exciting that can be and some parents have done this so well.

Some others however lose it in this very line. They do not know where and how to draw the line. They forget that at the end of the day, a child is a child.

A parent can still look good dressed in the same theme with their children but customised to suit the respective age brackets. Even when children get excited and insist on certain things, it is still our responsibility to guide and achieve the best outfit for every situation.

What pride is there in making a child look like an adult prematurely? Like they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, maybe the parents who prefer to have “adult barbies” in children as young as three year olds derive some satisfaction from it even when it may not make much sense to many!

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