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If you are going to try out a new menu, do some research

Connie Nankya

I love eating out and celebrating the gift that is good food. While enjoying my meals, I enjoy savouring the moments; enjoying the scenery, different people and what they are eating. By the way that is a good way to venture into the different dishes on the menu without reading hard through it.

However on this day I met the shock of my life. While envying the healthy eaters who downed salads with all its deserving passion, one group of people attempted to eat healthy but lost it in the mix.

Both guys, they ordered for a big bowl of salads. This seemed like a wise choice, but before we knew it, a plate of rice followed, then masala chips and chicken. These two started eating but could not even get half way. They were all panting and comparing notes, asking who to eat each and everything.

This was clearly a good thought gone bad. And one wonders did these guys really understand the menu? Were they just trying out a new place and blundered in the long run because clearly that big bowl of salad was misplaced. It was easy to feel sorry for them honestly but hey, maybe they learnt their lesson. Maybe next time they will pick up right and follow through with everything the right way.

It is absurd to get lost in the moment but sometimes that is where the fun is so I guess it does not hurt to make some of these mistakes, enjoy the moment and move on right? I doubt that these two will ever venture carelessly like that again.

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