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Decoding love nigg*s

Who is a love nigga?

It turns out the so-called ‘love nigg*s’ might need to be phased out to prolong humanity… mbu. It has also been observed that these products have a short lifespan, which should not necessarily spell doom. Enjoyable in the moment but kinda redundant in the long run.

If you are looking for a good time and not a long time, hurry up while stock lasts. They rate high on packaging, so if you are the type for face value, you will get smitten. Well, sometimes!

These products will require patience to be able to enjoy their full potential. Be prepared to shake, twist, throw and perhaps blow into them before they bust to life.

If you are the type whose patience has always worn thin and throws occasional tantrums, it might be time to switch up or at the worst, see a doctor. Love nigg*s are a hard sell to be honest.

The opportunity cost of selling them off somewhat outweighs that of keeping them any day and this is because ‘beating them to life’ simply isn’t sustainable.

If you’ve ever used any fake brand, then you have an idea what I am talking about. Love Nigg*s will probably turn you into a kung fu specialist or drive you nuts. You choose your kind of crazy. For many ladies, love nigg*s and the Semyekozos come off as goods of convenience. One you probably want but do not need, at least for the future.

A tired customer, Rema clearly got tired of the panel beating and cast the product aside. You will see that this narrative is one-sided and has been said by a number of people defending Rema who recently introduced her new beau, Dr Hamza Ssebunya.

On the other hand, Eddy Kenzo has been infamously branded a love nigg* for his failure to take the majestic step to the altar. We have been made to believe that the so called love nigg*s are just irresponsible and indecisive.

Well, what if they are just misunderstood. Sometimes people are not indecisive but calculative. There is a popular phenomena that if people have dated for a certain time, the next obvious step is marriage.

Why is marriage the only metric to measure the power of a man? Love nigg*s are on the receiving end of abuse because sometimes they won’t commit to what they do not understand. Do not force people to walk into the wilderness because they are taking their time to establish things.

These love nigg*s might be rough on the edges, but who isn’t? None of us is perfect. The so-called perfect people with stethoscopes hanging off their necks also have their own flaws, so do not be quick to judge.

Anyway, people are so obsessed with the idea of weddings and forget to nurture relationships. Your love nigg* is on the journey, learning the process day by day. Do not demonise him. Just a few days without picking your calls and the next day you are introducing someone else. Calm down.
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