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Bad Black and all of her shenanigans

Socialite Bad Black


We are big fools! Someone wakes up, initiates us into her day with a more than diplomatic “mbwa mwe mwasuze mutya” greeting, insults us at every breath she takes. Insults us some more for her sanity and well-being yet there we are, the custodians of ‘mbu’ good English and straight morals watching her life at every given swipe on Snapchat. I always wonder, as we laugh and make a mockery of Bad Black’s profanity-filled commentary on life and the musings of the world, who is the real joke? Aren’t we the jokers? For people to seriously follow someone’s ‘uneducated’ stories about her privates, her charitable sex life and ‘Jownahhh’, Bad Black has us hooked, to be honest. At her most embarrassing self, she is entertaining a whole country. Like, “who says that or does that,” as we murmur our shock kumbe kyana has slowly built a fanbase. Should we be embarrassed of ourselves as consumers? Are we just too easy to entertain? bored or a bunch of embarrassing folks who could only survive on the misfortunes of others.

Bad Black is infamously remembered for robbing a man of about $4m at the age of 21 to go ahead and squander it almost immediately on lavish partying and extravagant spending. She did not give a damn! Well, the courts of law did not give a damn either and sentenced her to some four years of jail time. Is this someone you can underestimate that easily? Nah! She always has something up her sleeve, a toilet of words guarded up her gums, a train of exes she has ready to put on blast. All this with brutal honesty. If you are a guy who goes around boasting around with whatever, Bad Black has your receipts in black and white. Case in point is Bebe Cool who has been lifting the whole gym on his shoulders for years, looking swole yet Her Royal Vulgarity, Ms Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black made us realise, it was all just a hoax.

Is Bad Black worse than people who say all these things in whispers? At least she is not pretentious. She says things as they are. Many of these people who sound eloquent, dress neatly are some of the worst snakes. They are not calling you your genital’s nickname to your face. They do this privately as they laugh at you. Humans for you.

So what do we do with the phenom that is Bad Black? I honestly do not know. She is a product of the society we live in. Make fun of her, with the knowledge that she is just a symptom of a lot that goes down in the country. People who gave up on life for so many reasons; no jobs, betrayal, broken relationships. Bad Black is just a voice, albeit a very non-conventional one. I hope when we stop laughing, it is not too late to realise that there was a lot that we missed out on, and could not have helped. But who would want to risk helping Bad Black? She would blast you ‘mbwa mwe’ in a heartbeat.

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