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Acute Angle

Ssuubi, a case of metallic fortunes…

This viral photo of Suubi approaching University Hall at Makerere University has changed his fortunes

Always thought a ‘metallic case’ was high school’s biggest scam. Strangely, parents swore that it was God’s answer to the petty theft in schools and it somehow became the ‘unofficial’ school requirement. Thankfully, these metallic cases stripped the rich kids of their ‘stones’ and they were treated like everyone else.

It didn’t matter where you came from, you just had to own one of the infamous iron sheet boxes. And how useless they were!

Looked terrifyingly mean on the outside and yet they were sadly weak.

School thieves sliced through these boxes like knives through bread. Worse still, the padlocks were an open invite to ‘steal one and get more for free’. So basically, owning a metallic case was akin to announcing yourself for charity and nothing else. Sons of Babylon took this chance to steal your money, belongings and your self-worth. No cap!

We had to outgrow this piece of useless hardware at some point, surely. At campus, you had the promise of a better life, swag on another level and other superficial things. No way were you turning up for university like a welder.

No please. It’s these standards that we found and simply followed. If you didn’t know different, you might assume the journey to university is smooth for everyone.

The reality check came again this week when a tweet went viral showing a fresher, a one Henry Ssuubi, being mocked by a tweep for turning up for university with a metallic case. What was meant for humour turned into cries of sympathy and focus was thrust onto the boy.

Ssuubi comes from a very humble background and his journey to university has been one of strife and hard work.

The metallic case that has no class appeal is all he can afford. It’s funny how the tweet mocking him has opened doors.

With the cash contributions pouring in and the possibility of him pursuing his dream course in Engineering, suddenly the future looks bright.

Nobody can stop reggae hehe. The laughter of the enemy could awake blessings in your favour. At the worst of times, fortunes could change in a split second. God is listening, keep the prayers coming and forever remain humble.

Ssuubi’s story reminds me of how important parenting goes a long way in showing children the power of privilege. The guy who mocked Ssuubi can’t be the only one who thinks the way he does. He is a product of the society which believes privilege is showing one person is better off than the other.

Teach your children that being privileged is simply acknowledging how blessed you are and projecting these blessings to others. The smart educate others, the wealthy empower others to build wealth, the compassionate spread love. That’s it. Don’t mock anyone. We all have a different story and some you might not be ready to hear.

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