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“Just Slaps… For You”

Winnie Nwagi

Hearing Winnie Nwagi on Television naively explain the regrettable treatment of her housemaid left me aghast. As if the criminal choice of a blue wig was not enough, she trivialised the abuse of another human being. She further accused the media of blowing the whole incident out of proportion. I mean, what are slaps anyway? They are simply slaps. Just simple slaps and y’all go nuts? Yes Winnie, angry or not, whether you are in your element or simply an outright lunatic, physical abuse cannot be justified. You cannot rationalise abuse. Yes, we lose our heads occassionally, which is okay since we are humans, but control can be exercised.

Looking at a person so established in pop culture and yet so clueless about basic human values is embarrassing to watch. At least pretend to remotely care, Winnie. Sadly, Winnie’s explanation of her rift with the housemaid mirrors the societal perception and treatment of domestic workers. We are humanitarians in public but trash in our homes. I cannot fathom why you would mistreat a person who feeds you and looks after you children while you are away. Then you wonder why maids offload their anger on your children. Karma has the loudest laugh, my dear. I cannot discount the fact that some househelps are a nuisance but if you cannot reach a middle ground, let them go. There is a lot to lose.

I have always stipulated that you can only judge a person’s true character by how they treat their housemaids or people that are of perceived lower social class. It costs nothing to treat human beings as human beings. Challenge yourself, you will not die. And to Swangz Avenue, arrest Winnie’s ego before she slaps you guys too. I mean it would be just slaps. Right?

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