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Parte, Parte, after parte

Like honestly, when do you rest? August alone was a kidongo bonanza with artistes pouring in from every point of the world, all sorts of themed manenos to entertain you people. By the time someone comes up with a “Shorts na Leesu” theme, it is over. What more is left? Boxers and bulega? I feel it is about thinking up something as new and strange as possible then curiosity will drive numbers to your events.

Promoters are busy, the entertainers are booked out every single weekend, bar and club owners regardless of the location have their people. All age groups,social classes are catered for. For crying out loud, even the cultural events that were formerly frowned upon or looked at as a passtime for the low class are now touted as the biggest events on the entertainment calendar.

Bakiga Nation started one of the riskiest ventures of the last century which is to bring all Bakiga in one place for a beer. Pity the soil, the energy on a high and beers in contention. They are a handful. Give them music, a reason to dance for hours and you have World War Z. That is Uganda for you. It is parte, parte after parte. People celebrate everything and nothing altogether. They have gone from a Blankets and Wine macro level to an LC1 chairman borehole opening micro-level. I would like to imagine Ugandans are naturally happy people who just want to have a good time at any cost until you meet the angry drivers on the road who will stop at nothing to insult you. Maybe we are constantly running away from our problems and the party scene is a wonderful shock absorber.

Guys are partying every day of the week, but on whose money? Ugandans work hard for their hard-earned dimes, no doubt. You have an average Ugandan juggling between their normal nine to five job and other three side hustles. A lot of loose money coming through from all corners. At the end of the day, this money is readily available for enjoyment. Make no mistake, this money shall not engage in foolishness of paying back debts. That can wait. Life must be lived to the fullest. Not even the foolishness of investment, buying land as if you are homeless. Life is for now. The future will sort itself. ‘Shorts Na Leesu’ will not attend itself, drinks will not buy themselves. Parte is a movement. We move, regardless. Remember that.

Personally, I am happy guys do not wallow in sorrow after a bad day at work, messy relationships, fake friendships. They will gather all the mazike and head to a place where they can feel alive again. Uganda is a fun place and every visitor/tourist can testify. Good vibes everywhere all round every day of the year. One final thing party animals, find it in your busy party schedules to rest. Your body must replenish. You are no robot.

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