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Ian Ortega

    • Features
      A decade of an album to remember?

        African Music: October 9, 2021 wasn’t only the day Uganda turned 59 but also a defining day for Swangz Avenue’s...

      Ian OrtegaOctober 15, 2021
    • Ian Ortega
      They shall be known by their football club

        Small small hints: There is a saying that you can tell a lot about a Ugandan judging by their football...

      Ian OrtegaOctober 15, 2021
    • Ian Ortega
      Salaama Road: Mother of Potholes

      Typical: If Najeera is the home of chaos, Salaama road takes the award; ‘home of massage parlours.’ Everything in Salaama road...

      Ian OrtegaOctober 8, 2021
    • Columnists
      Kampala’s laws of money

      When it comes to money in Kampala, we bargain in Luganda. Typical: The worst mistake is to pledge at a Ugandan...

      Ian OrtegaOctober 1, 2021
    • Audio Visual
      THE video: Radio Call.9 – An Known

      There’s three things to a great music video, a well-told narrative aka storyline, great visuals, and great characters. All these are...

      Ian OrtegaSeptember 25, 2021