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Ian Ortega

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      Uganda: Quite the musical puzzle!

      What is money when cars are parked at home? End of lockdown: Come Saturday evening, when the President sways clear of...

      Ian OrtegaJuly 30, 2021
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      The race that ends at nothing

      Chasing life: There is an invisible race that we are all running in Uganda. It has all the elements of a...

      Ian OrtegaJuly 23, 2021
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      Categories of Ugandan boyfriends

      The sponsor has only one role – to give and give. AGM REPORT: The Uganda Girlfriend Association (UGA) recently held their...

      Ian OrtegaJuly 16, 2021
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      Revised Ugandan dictionary (Part one)

      One word can mean totally different things in UG… Process by process: Ugandans are always enriching their languages. Nothing is ever...

      Ian OrtegaJuly 9, 2021
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      Surviving the 42-day lockdown

      Think of something you’ve always wanted to do. Beat that: Not many people have been taught survival, or at least learned...

      Ian OrtegaJuly 2, 2021