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Ian Ortega

Ian Ortega

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      Museveni ‘86 versus Museveni ‘21 

      Museveni ‘21 has seen it all, has it all, and still wants more Face-off. We have had many face-offs, we have...

      Ian OrtegaMay 14, 2021
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      You know it’s a Ugandan mother when…

      Any money lent to her is as good as a donation… TYPICAL. Mother’s Day is right upon us. But have you...

      Ian OrtegaMay 7, 2021
    • Columnists
      Remember dem days of Facebook zero

      Do you remember poking? Was it meant to be appealing? Changing times: Once upon a time, social media in Uganda was...

      Ian OrtegaApril 30, 2021
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      Banamasaka: Uganda’s special people

      Banamasaka have peculiar ways of exaggerating things. Straight outta… The stereotype about Banamasaka is no secret but how is it that...

      Ian OrtegaApril 23, 2021
    • Columnists
      Ugandan Society Update 2021

      Buy land, set up a quick farm. No Lies: Ugandans are good storytellers. When it comes to imagination and the creation...

      Ian OrtegaApril 16, 2021