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My prayer is that Qute Kaye returns to the guy we knew


We have seen musicians hit the music scene and vanish through thin air shortly after. While some get better like fine wine, others just fade away and the next time they make news, they are in a very sorry and scandalous state.

Maddox Ssematimba is one of those artistes that hit us real hard before he hibernated to a sorry state but was fortunate enough to rise back to the top where he belongs. Maddoxx’s scenario is one of the rare ones and to-date, he must be on his knees still, thanking God for the favour upon his life.

While the likes of Maddoxx have been that lucky, many others have failed to rise up again and some have lost their life both on the international and local scenes. We cannot even begin to count the lost souls and talent except to say, may they all rest in eternal peace.

Last week, when news about Qute Kaye, one of the once talented artistes in the music industry hit the city complete with photos of him grabbed with a stolen item, one could not help but get goose bumps.

How did such a seemingly talented young man on his journey to a bright future lose it all in the blink of an eye? Does he have friends, family, close fans that could have helped him deal with whatever issue he had/has and keep him on track?

No wonder he disappeared off the radar and while many questioned his whereabouts, the rest moved on with the next new and big thing. It goes on to show how ironic human beings can be. One can never tell what excites us, gets us sad or leaves a memory in our life.

I mean, the way many castigated Qute Kaye as the details of his situation filled social media platforms, one would think that they never even nodded their heads to some of his popular tracks like Ginkese.

It is such a pity. How do such people lose it? What consumes them to this level? From a common personality, an icon to some at that, to a riffraff grabbing anything, anywhere for survival?

As society, we need to devise means to help such people. This guy did not just jump out of the blue stealing things and looking the way he did.

He must have existed in some weird place/environment and the people around knew who he was and what he did. Did they ever bother to help him, one can easily wonder.

Whatever the case, we hope that he will be helped to get back to his normal self. We hope that the miracle that happened to Maddoxx Ssematimba, can revive Qute Kaye and many other artistes, celebrities in the same boat or heading to the same boat. This situation just does not happen overnight. One thing probably leads to another and before we know it, one dies out from the inside to the outside so can we all just take care of ourselves at all time?

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