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Connie Tiffs

You look at the menu for hours then order for a soda? Jeez!

A group of people walk into a restaurant. They stand and deliberate for hours on where to sit. The waitress brings the menu. Then they take hours reading it like it is a novel. After hours of asking for more minutes to decide what they will have, they order for a soda with ice cubes.
Jeez! Do such people ever realise how annoying that is? So what is the motive of even stepping out if you are going to act confused all the time? How do you take hours to decide where to sit, what to order, when to leave, huh? How do some people manage this kind of confusion?

If you are going to walk into an expensive place, first make sure that you have what it takes to manage everything they have to offer. Nothing boosts confidence like knowing that you can clear any bill within any budgeted range. Whether it is at a kafunda somewhere, or the most expensive place around town, the joy in knowing everything is manageable is refreshing.

I would like to think that our wishes and desires drive us to do whatever we do in life. Meaning, one cannot wake up and just find themselves at a place without knowing what they want. I guess that is why staring at this kind of lot gets so annoying. How do they find themselves in such places even or should I say out of the house?
This business of hopping into a place relying on faith to get things moving should be left in the past. People should learn how to plan for even the smallest things such as having ice cream at the nearest parlour.
Now we know why the owners of most hangout places charge expensively for some of their products or have options such as an entrance fee as bare minimum to enter. It saves everyone from such unfocused people because clearly that helps them stay in check. If one cannot raise the entrance fee, then they can find their level somewhere else. At least that way, they will know how to end up wherever since their pockets are put in check.

Also that group that always rely on hand-outs should learn the art of independence. The kind that sits somewhere then they start making calls to the sponsors to come through for hours before they place their orders.
Truth be told, it is hard to imagine how such people live with the embarrassment of looking misplaced and confused all the time in the name of “stepping out”.

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