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Ian Ortega

Forget land, buy a car… NOW!

Many years ago, I used to think that a car was nothing but a mere luxury. I supported the ‘buy land first’ team. Now that I am less stupid, if I had to advise anyone starting out in life; “buy a car as soon as you can.”

In a country such as Uganda without a proper public transportation system, the worst punishment you can give oneself is delaying to buy a car. In Uganda, a car is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

If it means taking a loan to get a car, you should probably take that route. Pause the land, pause everything and buy a car. Above all, buy a car you can afford throughout its lifetime. Buy a car you can afford to service and maintain.

Remember, a car is like a child.

But once you buy a car, you will notice that it will make a big difference in your life. A car is a productivity multiplier in Uganda. If you want a quick promotion at your workplace or better business, then a car will give you that edge. Do not ask me how? Just get yourself a car.

You probably will waste three hours every day dealing with  taxis or boda bodas in Uganda. On the days when it rains, that gets worse. If you compound this across the year, you are losing close to a month in movement. If you can claw back that time coupled to the energy you lose, you will move much faster in life.

Of course most Ugandan places will also treat you better when you show up in a car. Car privilege is real in Uganda. No wonder most bafere in Kampala will always invest in a proper car.

Come 2023, if you do not have a car in Kampala, make it a point to get one. It will make such a big difference in your life. If your life was at 50 percent, a car will take it to a 90 percent. And buy a car for yourself not for other people. Do not buy a car to prove a point. Just buy a car that you can manage.

In Uganda, a car is not an expense, it is an investment. It will bring returns. Much faster than a 50 by 100 in Zirobwe!

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