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THE video: Radio Call.9 – An Known

There’s three things to a great music video, a well-told narrative aka storyline, great visuals, and great characters. All these are things that require less of money and more of creativity. Radio Call.9 nails these three things on a budget.

It’s able to evoke those emotions of missing one’s lover, the restlessness, the discomfort as one keeps waiting, the thoughts that rumble through one’s mind. Radio Call.9 sends a reminder that the feelings are valid, and they’re shared.

There’s one overriding theme, the gap that the radio bridges, yet despite its attempt to bridge this gap, one can’t help but long for the physical presence of their lover. The scene where the bedridden lover is brought back to life by the message of the radio, how she’s wheeled out to meet her sweetheart, that’s a magical scene. You don’t see it coming. But when it hits, you have nothing but appreciation for the video director.

– Ian Ortega

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