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Blah blah blah

Meghan, Harry, blah blah blah

Honestly, that interview is just another life story, nothing special.

This undated image released March 7, 2021 courtesy of Harpo Productions shows Britain’s Prince Harry (L) and his wife Meghan (C), Duchess of Sussex, in a conversation with US television host Oprah Winfrey. AFP PHOTO

Opinions, noses, everyone has them – so they say. I don’t think it’s always that way. For instance, I have no opinion on the Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle-Harry interview that has got many tongues wagging. I don’t know why I have no opinion about this particular issue but I don’t. I have tried to think and say something about it but I honestly can’t find anything useful to say. I have read people’s opinions written with a lot of passion about what was revealed during the interview, some applauding the couple for telling all and others castigating them for it and yet still, I have failed to pick a side.

Is it that my mindfulness of other people’s business has grown cold? Do I lack empathy or do I just have too many problems of my own? Because honestly, that interview is just another life story, nothing special. It elicited zero emotion from me, maybe because my pedestal has no tenants apart from God. It was just a ka polite reminder that even royals, the rich and famous of this world have problems and bad manners like the rest of us mere mortals.

I am more bothered by our next door neighbour Kenya and the way they are treating us than I am about Meghan and her entitled in-laws. I am not saying there’s nothing to her story, there’s a lot, and it’s just that emitima gyakaluba.

So the Kenyan government has decided they don’t want our maize anymore. Mbu it has aflatoxins and afumonisins that could cause cancer.  Last year, they chased our Lato milk saying there was too much Ugandan milk on their market, then if the story I read is true, they also banned chicken, meat and egg imports from us and then there was the raw sugarcane and brown sugar ban! Sumbarry please tell me, what exactly this is all about.

I don’t understand the politics around this and would love to have someone who does, explain it to me over a nice cold Ugandan made non-intoxicating drink paid for from their wallet. Otherwise from my political blonde point of view, it looks like we are tying on our not so neighbourly neighbours. Whatever became of the common market!

Is it because we no longer have Nyege Nyege that we are being treated this way? Please forgive us now, it wasn’t our intention to become less interesting. Covid-19 and its madness is what drove us to cancel this all important unifier. But I promise, it’ll be back, in fact, we’ll let you attend for free. Just show off your Kenyan flag wrist band and you’ll be good to go.

Let’s not wait for an Oprah tell-all interview for us to know what exactly we did to bring on this fury.

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