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No votes, why get my ambulance?

At least Anite pretended to care about people!

Wonders shall never cease in the Pearl of Africa. This week, however, allow me give a standing ovation to two wonders. The ever so intriguing Ms Evelyn Anite and our high maintenance Members of Parliament.

Let’s start with the lovely lady Anite. I have heard that she withdrew an ambulance after her Koboko election loss. I don’t really blame her. In this life, you reap what you sow. When you refuse to vote for the gateway to Koboko, the gateway will take its goodies away. I, especially, like that this shows a certain level of self-discovery for the gateway. That point when you realise that you don’t have fans and so you stop pretending to be nice and civil. I am happy for her. It was a terrible relationship and even a rockier breakup for her and her imaginary fans in Koboko. This is the part where I wish that man, the majje, would at least show up for her as a rebound lover. Right now though, it’s just her and her incoherent political ideology. So let her take back her ambulance in peace, who knows, it might vote for her in the next election.

And now to the other wonder of today. It is only in Uganda that we secure our future with massive loans that future Ugandans might have to sell their kidneys to pay back. It is in this our beloved nation that a parliament can have about 555 members with each of these members entitled to a more than Shs200 billion car. Have I mentioned the salary allowances and other little expensive spoils?

Our legislators are like that village girl some naive guy married thinking that because she knelt and hardly ever argued while they dated would make a perfect little wife only to wake up after putting a ring on it to find that he had married a hybrid of Yemi Alade, Beyonce and all the Kardashians. Even the loudest members of the Opposition don’t seem to have a problem with all that money that has to be spent on them. A few have ‘kwebererad mu’ but majority are playing deaf. Makes me wonder, maybe Anite wasn’t too bad. At least she pretended to care about people’s health needs.

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