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Let the MAMAs be!

I know you’ll all be ministers in the new UG and land will cost 10K but please…

Organisers of the MAMAs believe giving an international star to host an African show will have more people talking about the show.

These days I wake up in a panic, scared that the internet is gone with the wind again. I have nightmares of having to communicate via text messages but even worse not being able to watch sermons on YouTube. It’s crazy. Sometimes, deep in the night I will randomly reach for my phone just to make sure our ‘owners’ have not sent us back to 1706 again. I might have to see a shrink about these episodes. And the way some myopic people keep posting shallow propaganda on social media mbu to play their part in the revolution, makes me worry even more. Here’s the thing, if you are to be part of a revolution and you have chosen social media as your bush, be strategic about it. Don’t just throw words around with the intention of scaring tourists from coming to Uganda. I am all for change but not if it is dressed in foolishness.

So mbu you boycott the MTV Africa Music Awards and then what? Y’all think DJ Khaled will be so moved and scared by your ‘Uganda is a shithole’ posts and order Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un to bomb State House? The MAMAs are a very big platform and you want to chase them away instead of welcoming the world’s attention to the country and then when you get them, tell them your problems? Okay, let’s say decampaigning Uganda as host of the MAMAs is an option, how effective is your plan , what strategy are you using, what info are you putting out, how visual and moving is it, which important eyeballs are you targeting or are you just shooting blanks? Even a goat knows you don’t go to war unless you have a set target. Shooting all over the place just makes you waste your ammunition, leaving you with nothing when you need to shoot.

Yes, we are all very angry about the long camera looking into the Magere main bedroom, Bobi Wine’s house arrest, the arrest of almost all his campaign team, the death of innocent souls like the ones that died in the November 2020 riots, and many gut-wrenching things occasioned against you by those that view you as puny little rastas, but let’s be sensible. I don’t see why an angry and impassioned man (or woman) can’t be angry wisely, channel their anger in a way to be able to have results that pay off. I know you will all be ministers in the new Uganda and that an acre of land will cost 10K but please be intentional in the journey to that heaven. Use your head more than you do your mouth, abeg! So let the MAMAs be. We need such platforms. Even revolutionaries need bridges to reach their destinations. Amandla!

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