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A note to 20-year-old me

Ian Nkera Ford

Yours truly turned a year older this week.Happy Birthday to me. My hairline came bearing gifts as if to remind me that in a few years, Sevo and I will be visiting the same barber. It will be well in Jesus’ name.

From the title, it is clear to see I will not be a 20-something year old anymore. Time is just too emotional and all over the place. Like seriously, slow down already. Take a seat, drink something.

One day it is January, the next we are in November. In time’s lack of manners, I find myself surprisingly out of my 20s. Yes, it feels strange. The past decade has often felt like a sprint with no brakes in between. Like I was running and running. Well basically running with groups, away from my insecurities, running into walls.

Running to simply nowhere, at least that is what it feels like. And for the very first time this week, I actually felt I had taken a breather. Like I was on the roadside cooling after a decade long sprint. My heels have worn off chasing a whole load of crap, for lack of a better word. Like what was I thinking? I can bet five years on a treadmill would have been more fun.

Well, 20-year-old Ford, this is me telling you that life is up for the taking. They told you that if you did not take sciences at university, you would be a failure. They lied. The world was not meant for scientists only. The world is waiting for anyone to grab it by the scruff of its neck. You did not listen to that voice. Idiot! You hid in a shell while you looked for the perfect friends, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect photo opportunity.

The gallery was more ‘importanter’ than anything else. Well, you were a perfect fool and that is perfectly fine. The guys you badly wanted for friends are nowhere to be seen.Yeah, those guys that rented a plush house in Mulago as students that was no match for your miserable hostel, are not in your life anymore. The dimes you blew to be seen in every nightspot with them did not yield much. It was not worth it. You were an idiot for thinking books are a waste. A lot of it was junk anyway. What am I saying?

The class arrangement was actually to show you that the real lessons are out of the class. The relationships you built outside the university are gold. The friends you made at campus helped. You could have made more. Dude, you had a chance to open up more, get out there and meet people. Maybe your insecurities scared you. Well bro, 10 years later, you are the bomb diggidi.

The girls love you now since you are richer. Just kidding. The girls still do not give two hoots about you. They are hungrier and will eat your time, your dimes and your MBz. Remember the girls you low key ignored because they were fresh-faced from high school with naturalised kaweke?

They glowed up and my friend, it is safe to say that you should have made your move. Funny how the hotties back then are now meh. Ian bro, you wasted time.

Kudos for finally breaking out of your shell. Trying things, starting businesses, being uncomfortable, looking stupid infront of panels helped bro. Sometimes in life, all you have to do is show up to be counted. Well ‘20-year-old Ian Ford’, you inspired me to be here in one way or another. Your foolishness, cowardice, a little recklessness led us here. Now we write another story.

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