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Streaming: Choose Love

Director: Stuart McDonald

Genre: Interactive Romantic Comedy

Cast: Laura Marano as Cami, Avan Jogia as Rex, Jordi Webber as Jack, Scott Michael Foster as Paul

Duration: 77 minutes

Now streaming on Netflix

Choose Love was my first experience with an interactive movie. That is what made me watch it in the first place – the ‘interactive’ label it has. Turns out that interactive means that the person watching the movie gets to choose different scenarios for the cast. Bambi do not roll your eyes at my maalo if you have always known this… lol. In Choose Love, our main protagonist, Cami (Marano) is in a happy relationship with Paul (Foster). However, things are shaken when two other guys; Rex (Jogia) and Jack (Webber) enter the picture. The movie plays out as we, the audience, choose different scenarios for Cami’s relationship.

The interactive feature of this movie is what makes it interesting, especially if this is the first time you are trying it out. Laura Marano also brings her usual screen charm to the movie. Trying out the different scenarios to see Cami’s options is a nice touch for all of us who watch movies and keep wondering what would have happened if things go one way instead of the other.

That said, the different scenarios are too cliche even for a rom-com. It feels like the guys behind the movie were experimenting with an interactive movie of this genre and did not invest too much in the other characters, except Cami. It almost feels like playing a video game where you choose different NPCs. Rex and Jack felt like the NPCs in this case. Paul’s character is so-so but that might just be because he is the one we find. So watch it out of curiosity, not because you are looking for a deep storyline or swoonworthy escapism.

–Grace Kenganzi

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