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Acute Angle

Bettinah Tianah, Live your truth


Bettinah Tianah

Bettinah Tianah and singer Pia Pounds blow kisses at Blankets and Wine.

So a few days ago, a one Betty Nassali, also popularly known as ‘Bettinah’ casually revealed that she had only tasted a rolex for the first time a few days ago. I would like to believe this is a lie. Not because its outrightly false but simply because the TV presenter is slowly building her image on a superficial lifestyle; a lifestyle she wishes her ancestors died for.

You know how the narrative goes, a high flying dark-skinned model who flies First Class, drinks champagne, parties in posh places, dates the rich etc. Socialite, right? Apparently Bettinah (this name is lame as hell) does not like that ‘socialite’ word too much so let’s get her off the leash for that one.

But Betty, first tell us how you had never eaten a rolex until May 6, 2018? Don’t you have friends that love you? Who denied you the delicacy of a lifetime? Lies Betty, lies!

For a girl who was schooled at St. Mary’s Kitende and partly did her uni at MUBS, a rolex could have been her companion. She has studied in places with the highest concentration of rolex stalls per square meter in the world.

This means that any Betty in the dusty town of Musisi is bound to run into massive rolex traffic on her way to school regardless of where she is coming from.And if you put into account the friends she kept in both institutions, it is highly unlikely that they would deny their friend such pleasures of this world.

So anyway, here is a beautiful girl fighting to fit in a world that will not think twice before chewing her and spitting her out when it is done.Madame, respect the people who saw you grow out of the ashes (I mean the knees), respect the people who saw you clad in ‘sapatus’ of different colours or the ones who saw you fidgeting with your ‘kaweke’ during evening prep.

People keep receipts, I tell you. But most importantly, respect your past. It is perfectly fine to glow up and still keep in touch with your past. As dirty as our pasts or present might be, I can bet it is less tiring to live your truth. Even if you repeated your clothes to the irritation of many, that is you.Wear your faded t-shirt or blouse with pride.

No one will fault you for it. But if you break a leg to impress the masses, your end is near. When you live your truth, you can comfortably tell a lady on a date that you forgot your wallet at home and she will pay the bill with a smile. Only problem is that she will not be Ugandan.

And also, you can mix with anyone when you live truthfully. You are not indebted to anyone’s opinion of you other than you.That salary, however small yours is and you can spend it however you like. Pretend to be a Don and life starts playing tricks on you.

Anyway Betty and her problems aside, how does someone survive this brokenness? Share your ideas. This is me living my truth. I could use some advice. Any ka project you know? You and I can survive this. Do not just read and let your favourite idler slide into poverty. You and Blankets and Wine diehards can flip to the next page. Your sins of last weekend are already apparent in your breath as you read. Nice weekend.

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