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Acute Angle

Sorry Angella Katatumba but…

Angella with a swollen face which she reportedly sustained from the attack. COURTESY PHOTOS

Singer Angella Katatumba was recently beaten to pulp at Chicken Tonight, Kabalagala during a scuffle between the artiste and the restaurant’s management. She was in the company of visiting Jamaican artiste Kuzi.
Apparently, a mix-up about a waiter wrongly recommending chili sauce instead of ketchup started the whole thing. Now imagine that for a second. Not more than two months have passed after Mowzey Radio’s death so this feels like déjà vu all over again. Good person in the right place and unfortunately in the wrong company. These are things you do not want to play out.

Angella Katatumba and Kuzi Kz with whom she was attacked and beaten

Someone could lose their life for something as small as ketchup. Just imagine that for a second. Obviously it would be unfair to blame Angella Katatumba entirely because she was also a victim, but it makes me wonder how fairly recognisable people like herself move around without any security detail. It is absurd.
Artistes and so-called celebrities need to learn that limelight instantly makes them an easy target for ridicule and other forms of abuse. If you are remotely famous, do not avail yourself like a promo truck on these streets. People do not give a damn that your song is on the airwaves. They will make a hit out of your head. Stay woke. Radio’s demise still haunts me like it was just yesterday. The wounds are still so fresh. Take care.
I have always re-iterated about situations that can be avoided. In times where tempers are flaring and someone is provoking you, be the stupid one and walk away. It pays to act stupid. You buy more time on this earth, I tell you. Many of the workers out there are frustrated at their jobs and their actions are justified. Any manager that will attack their clients however escalated a situation might be is troubled. Walk away, run if you must.

Angella Katatumba

Angella Katatumba

This applies to the celebrities and the usual wanainchi. Take the high road. I could be wrong because I was not at the scene, but I believe that situation could have been avoided. Or maybe there was foul language exchanged. If you consider that all this happened in the wee hours of the morning, you smell a rat instantly. But again, a sober mind could have stepped in to prevent this fight.

This brings me to the issue of these workers.If you are a business owner, you have a responsibility to monitor your workers, including the managers. Any small issue like a fight has the potential to run down the business in the long run. Make these ‘untouchable’ managers accountable for the business and most importantly the clients.Periodic checks or impromptu visits can keep them on their toes. To Angella Katatumba, we wish you a quick recovery.
To the rest of you, cheers and nice weekend.

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