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Black Friday Frenzy!

Are Ugandans just opportunistic or are they just plain greedy? Let’s just say Ugandans always have their ears on the ground. No news gets Ugandans excited more than leaked nude photos or discounts. The greed is a consequence of the above. Tell any Ugandan that there is a place where prices are being slashed by almost half and you can be sure to watch their morals go up in smoke.

I can only imagine that morality is a cheap commodity when drinks and electronics are going for half their original price. People cleaned the shelves dry in seconds, piled their trolleys with stuff. You could be forgiven to think that Shoprite or Game stores were under attack. Apparently, people had camped there throughout the night waiting for the big day. Oh Ugandans! Has the economy driven us nuts that we have to camp at supermarkets like bodyguards the whole night?

So henewe, drunkards stole the show as always on Black Friday. I am sure Shoprite had never seen so much alcohol disappear in the blink of an eye. In fact, it has been said troops from as far as Kenya made it in time for the beer ambush. There is surely something about beer at half price that makes people’s blood race. There is actually no mystery about it. We are a beer loving lot that would do anything for a beer, half price or not.

So for that guy or chick who filled three trolleys with alcohol, we will not judge you. You are only answering a natural call as a Ugandan to drown whatever alcohol you can find into your blood stream. Uganda Waragi and Gilbey’s will take down someone this festive season, that is for sure.
The Black Friday frenzy reminds us that Ugandans do not sleep on jobo. If it is a do or die issue, they represent in huge numbers. As people enter the festive season, many of them have a lot of explaining to do, especially to their folks in the village who have all sorts of expectations and demands.

If you are storming villa, you have to do it in a big way. That explains the massive shopping I guess. But yo, this Black Friday thing could cost you love. Imagine running into your crush with a mountain of toilet paper in your trolley. Oops!

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