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Acute Angle

This Kiwa-Goodlyfe saga is absurd!


Early this week, the police issued arrest warrants for popular singers Radio and Weasel. This is because the two have continually failed to turn up in court to answer charges of defamation filed by their former manager Jeff Kiwa. Well, not so long ago, Jeff Kiwa was named in a child sacrifice scandal involving the murder of a six-year-old boy, Joel Ogema. It was later discovered that he was framed and eventually cleared of any involvement in murder. At the heat of all this, Radio and Weasel were making a meal off Kiwa’s misfortune. They uploaded a video on their Facebook page allegedly insinuating that Jeff Kiwa was involved in ritual murder. Obviously Jeff Kiwa reacted in a smarter way and dragged them to court. The duo lost this one cheaply. At this stage in their career, to be involved in such needless court drama only hints at how artistes work so hard to ruin many years of hard work. Radio and Weasel simply won’t grow up. It is about time they did. Their brand suffers the most in such drama.


Jeff Kiwa

The Jeff Kiwa-Goodlyfe feud is age-old. Before the fall-out, Jeff Kiwa managed the duo and to be honest, they were unstoppable. The hits did not stop and money rained in. Egos grew and as expected, the rows began and then a bad fallout thereafter. Battle for land, houses, company ownership ensued. They parted ways but the hatred between the two camps has brewed for years. I know what money, or rather the greed for money does to people. It decays friendships and erodes values. People become different when they get money. It is absurd to see friends become foes over earthly things, destroying working formulas or tearing themselves apart for honestly no sound reason.
The beef card is weak to pull these days. It is exhausting — Bebe Cool and Chameleone realised this. A music industry this young cannot be on a good path if the most talented of the lot are ever on crossroads. This is why the Nigerian music industry is steadfast in breaking into the international market while we continue to slack. They have stuck together and are leading a movement to take over the world. They might not be there yet but they are close. All I am saying is that the heckling and the fighting should stop. These Jeff Kiwa and Goodlyfe camps should realise that this industry is bigger than them. Cut the nonsense. It does not matter which industry you are in, a level of compromise can be accommodated. Keep your friends close and even your enemies closer. All these are earthly things and we shall leave them behind, so why hustle? A little harmony never killed anybody. Take a chill pill people.

Twitter: @spoiltbrat88

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