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Brexit and ill-fitting bras


Hahaha…… Who knew Britons also hated peer pressure? But first of all, who even leaves the European Union? Like honestly, these Britons can be bold. You don’t exit the European Union. It is not even a law, it is simply principle. I hear they even called their exit ‘Brexit.’ It sounds like a contraceptive that is long off the market. You don’t leave your landlord’s house and decorate your exit with a name like KakensaExit. When you are leaving his house, you don’t demand a ceremony or a plaque to award you for being the tenant of the year. Simply pick your bags and leave.

We all love the fun peer pressure comes with. Meeting up with friends at a cool hangout spot while you drink up and share a laugh can be crazy fun. Your boys bring out the light side with you and every time you are with them, it is a turn up. Guys can be something else when they are with their boys. It is all fun and games until you are tired and want to leave. It is worse when your entire squad is still hyped and ready to go all out till the end of the night. Some chaps can be sharp and sneak away, never to be seen again. Others will sit in that chair. If you stay in the heart of Nansana or any of those remote far away suburbs, you will be humble and sit. In case you agreed to split the bill, no one leaves until the last guy has had their beer. If one of the guys in the squad cracks a joke, laugh out loud whether you get the joke or not. When they pass the cigarette around, you take a smoke whether you like it or not. That is peer pressure for you. So who are you to exit? If you hitched a ride, you sit your humble butt down and wait. It takes courage to brace the cold, jump on a bike till Kyanja and leave your peeps behind. The bold ones will do it. The Britons were one bold lot and bowed out eventually. BOOM!

And by the way ladies, where are your boobs exiting to? Do they have an exit strategy or some of you just choose to hang them by your neck for everyone to see fwaa? Aren’t there bras that actually fit? You find a chick packaging her huge mammaries in a ka small bra, swinging them unfairly around unsuspecting people. There is this bank teller at some bank who couldn’t put a simple goddam stamp on a deposit slip because she was more focused on adjusting her immodest cleavage and making everyone notice it. Maybe, bras now have a ‘fitting’ size or this could be the devil’s effort at tempting us. These thirst traps should be illegal and banned.


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