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Always stay in your lane


“Nothing is expensive, you are just not the target market,” that’s the harsh reality my dearies. Prices of beer at Riders won’t be the same as prices of beer at your kafunda bar. It is not broad day light robbery like you choose to see it, but it is just not meant for your current financial standing. Chaps will whine and threaten to strangle waiters when they realise the price of food or drinks isn’t the same they are used to. Don’t complain brother, look for a place that fits in your means. We are not equal, the day you accept that will be the day life won’t seem like a noose always tied around your neck.
Mercedes Benz is a car for people of a certain class, normally the accomplished and people in the higher echelons of society. But even then, Benz has various classes. There isn’t one type of Benz for everyone. They come in different models, sizes and prices. Benz owners will tell you when they wish to acquire a more improved Benz and will acknowledge that it will come at a hefty price. They won’t whine about prices shooting up. Maybe, they appreciate the value that comes with such a car and are ready to work to earn it. They are called lanes. Some things are not for forcing.

Don’t drive a Mercedes when you are not the target market, it will break you. I see my boys hitting one-off deals and buying luxurious cars they can hardly afford, oba for what? This is suicide. Stay in your lane until you are ready.Don’t fight for VIP when you can’t name any exotic drink people there are sipping on. If you can’t afford, just stay in kamooli and wave. Don’t take a Vitz budget to a Mercedes Benz event. The oil that will burn your fingers is only warming up. Be happy in your lane to avoid any kind of insanity.
Until recently, I was the target market of this Blankets and Wine thingie. It was a cool 50k back then. I would take my bu legs in shorts and pose around in shades like everyone else. These things of hype can make you wear flowered shirts to an event. Ehh! Can you imagine seeing a grown man in a flowered shirt all because of FOMO? Jeez! Now the price has shot to a whooping 100k. Guess who isn’t complaining? Me. Maybe the organisers realised this event wasn’t for everyone. Maybe we overcrowded the place and made people with their money uncomfortable. Lanes people! As the targeted people throng the Uganda Museum this Sunday, I will stay in my lane and you can be sure that I will still be happy drinking bushera somewhere.
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