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The acute angle : Watch out for stingy people

Sometimes you wonder if some people are saving up for entrance fee into heaven. It’s as if they will be buried with their savings. You find a distinguished gentleman who has embezzled the NGO where he works dry yet he still chokes on third hand clothes and his children are suffocated on fourth grade rice. You will also notice that his wife’s hair has entered its after-life. As in, madam’s hair is in life after death because her husband is sacrificially saving university tuition for his children who are currently in kindergarten.

Stingy people always want to look like they have the future covered. Mbu saving to put up apartments when they cannot leave onions at home. The guy will blow out candles on a night of a blackout because he has to ‘keep’ for tomorrow. Can you possibly imagine that? Yeah we get it. At some point, one is supposed to be organised and have their future planned out but when life is always this big sacrifice, happiness is automatically thrown out of the window.
And the way Ugandans like to feel busy making money, you wonder why he has to cram all restaurants with “Buy One Get One Free” special offers. It’s simply absurd. Wama ladies I sympathise with you when all that a guy ever gets you is Tonic water. That must hurt deeply. If you are an aspiring goldigger with headquarters at a university and branches at a hostel, please help us with these stingy guys and unlock their spending potential. If a guy is always telling you that he is chasing deals around town yet he is ever staring at the menu from price to food and not food to price, there is a problem.
But unfortunately, some Ugandan ladies don’t help matters at all. She wants the guy to give her money for hair and also buy for her shampoo and more embarrassingly a comb.
Truth is, it’s time to loosen up a little.God won’t be asking for receipts from your spending activities but more about how best you exhausted your life. So as you save to build this mansion in Seguku, why not take a fraction and spoil your children a little? Take them to the park, play with them as you build a relationship with them. Wine and dine with the woman in your life once in a while.
The problem is that people have a Kikuubo mentality where you look at every stick of pork and drink bought in form of bags of cement. Mbu it’s the stingy people who get rich these days. Those rags to riches stories are fooling you my friend. The bad thing is that when you tell a guy to loosen up a little, he will take his entire salary to the bar which isn’t the case.
I am just saying one can work extremely hard, save and enjoy themselves too, without having to forego food or eat expired food because you don’t want it to go to waste. If you stand in a supermarket as people come in and go because you are continuously comparing prices with other supermarkets you could have gone to, my advice is to throw all the items on that shelf you are staring at, rush to the counter and chop that money. If people don’t understand, God will. Nice weekend guys.


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