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The Track: Togwamu Suubi – All Stars (Eddy Kenzo, Rema, Daudi Lutalo, Dr Hilderman, Gravity Omutujju and others)


It is one of those moments, when musicians join arms and make a record to wake up the social conscience. And it is a very commendable effort, a sign that the artistes who sell us their art and become celebrated stars, have a human side to them, and are very awake to the realities that do not only face their listeners, but them too.

Togwamu Suubi is a song of comfort to people who have been affected by HIV in one way or other. It seeks to reassure, to cheer up, to encourage and remind the infected that the condition is not life-threatening any more, and that life does not end with that grave pronouncement from your doctor.

The artistes chosen are a section of the younger, newer artistes. And even if its aim is not entirely to entertain, the final product delivers a very artful effect, that is good on the ear, speaking of such individual creativity and brilliance.

The song goes beyond just comforting victims, to attacking stigma, and spreading words of warning against irresponsible sexual behaviour. In a world where mainstream entertainment glorifies illicit sexual practices, it is a welcome breather that a voice of reason about such, should come from the entertainment industry.

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