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Mya why are you laughing

Mya why are you laughing?

Mya why are you laughing?

1. Naye Ugandans with giving themselves “titles” Mbu … “Fashionista Sylvia Owori!” Goodness what fashion has Owori ever introduced to us?

2.  Mbu “Kick boxing legend Golola Moses” Sincerely what kick boxing has Golola ever done? When the dude attempted to kick box, he was instead totally bashed!

3. Mbu “ragga king” Bebe Cool….hehehehehehehehe! Nextttttttttttt!

4. Mbu “Rn’B Sensation Aziz Azion”. Honestly what “sensation” do you feel when Azion sings?

5. Mbu … “Songstress Juliana Kanyomozi!” Shouldn’t it read like this … “once a darling but now struggling to get a hit, Juliana Kanyomozi!” no?

6. Mbu “raggamaffin AK47!” Hehehehehehehe! Nextttttttttttttt!

7. Mbu “comedy outfit Amarula Family” Aren’t those guys’ jokes so 1940?

8. Mbu “politician Ken Lukyamuzi!” More like Amarula Family’s first born isn’t it?

9. Mbu “rapper” GNL! Kika….kika….kika….kikankane! Jay-Z must have slit his wrists when he heard that? Dude is now on television peddling houses and airtime for Airtel! Kyoka “rappers!”

10. Mbu “girl group” Blu3! Hehehehehehehe… Mya why are you laughing?

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