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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Why can’t Uganda have Presidential debates like the Kenyans?

1. Mbu  … “Why can’t Uganda have Presidential debates like the Kenyans?” Gwe Stecia Mayanja shut up! You know nothing about politics … just concentrate on trying to get a hit… possibly in English…then we shall talk!

2. Mbu… “Women too have rights. We are tired of being abused by our men!” Yes, Grace Nakimera you are right! But we men too are fed up of female artistes “abusing” us with voices that sound like Golola Moses is singing! C’mon Nakimera…

3. Mbu … “If you put the Lord before everything you do, then heaven with shower you with all you want!” Yeah right Pastor Mondo Mugisha! Did the heavens shower you pastors with light blue suits?

4. Mbu … “I thank my fans worldwide for standing behind me during my hard times!” Chameleone you don’t have any worldwide fans, period!

5. Mbu … “My names is Frida Nakato I work at PWC..!” So what’s that you work at PWC? Kyoka bu corporate babes! Why don’t you say… “My names is Frida, I’m so broke despite dressing a million bucks …can you buy me a shot of Martini?”

6. Mbu … “Kale I am such a huge fan of Manchester United…” Imagine Alex Ferguson listening to such from Mesach Semakula … It’s like Lil Wayne listening to GNL telling him how he’s such a hot rapper!

7. Mbu … “Please call me I have no air-time!” If you have no airtime what are you doing in town? Go back to the village…I’m talking to you DJ Shiru!! Go back to Masaka…

8. Mbu … “Grandfather of Ugandan music…Ragga Dee!” Aren’t the deceased like Jimmy Katumba and Elly Wamala the true grandfathers of Ugandan music? The likes of Ragga Dee are just bafele masquerading as grandfathers … I pity the bu babes they con!

9. By the way what is Ragga Dee doing still releasing music? Same goes to DJ Elvis … don’t tell me that dude is still on radio … hasn’t he been on radio like for 50 years?

10. Speaking of being on radio for years… don’t you wish the likes of DJ Cantankerous were still with us, entertaining us on radio? Now we have Amarula Family and simanya DJ Kahuna of Hot 100FM mbu … “radio presenters!” Jesus when is your second coming?

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