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Stuff you wish our celebs would do

1. Imagine Annette Nadujja in a mini skirt … with yellow high heeled shoes!! Jesus.

2. Imagine Muhammad Nsereko with dreadlocks … Boyakasha!

3. Imagine Zari speaking English without an accent!

4. Imagine Golola Moses having an interview on CNN!

5. Imagine Angela Katatumba auditioning for Simon Cowell! Poor Cowell!

6. Imagine Amarula Family performing for Barack Obama… Please Almighty don’t grant them that dream…pleaseee.

7. Imagine Juliana Kanyomozi with a hit! Ouchhh…

8. Imagine Radio and Weasel finally being told the truth … that they’re the poor man’s version for celebrities.

9. Imagine Agnes Nandutuuuu as a radio presenter on HOT 100FM! Boy or boy!!

10. Imagine Aziz Azion having a collabo with R. Kelly!

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