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Who the hell goes for a concert called …Swilili….lili…lili…?

1.But Ugandans! Who the hell goes for a concert called …Swilili….lili…lili…? Honestly! What the hell does that mean?

2.Mbu Valentine! Ugandans can “force” life! Instead of saving their money … they spend it on red shirts … red trousers and flowers! Seriously?

3.Wama Eddy Kenzo spell the word…Valentine. No I didn’t say “varitine”! I said Valentine … Jesussss!

4.So Mariam Ndagire, who was your Valentine? No Mariam stop lying, it wasn’t Toniks! Don’t lie Ndagire!

5.Imagine Ndagire with Toniks! Wow, it could have been a happy Valentine for you two. You make such a lovely couple!

6.Imagine Maurice Kirya on a romantic Valentine date with Catherine Kusasira…wow how romantic!

7.Btw speaking of Kusasiira…don’t you admire that babe? No one listens to your music but you still call yourself an artiste! That is bravery!

8.Naye Ugandans have “artistes!” Mbu…Fidempa! Who the hell is that?

9.Mbu Nince Henry… with such a name, you can think the dude is an artiste from London… kumbe the dude is from Nateete! Wabula abafele!

10.Mbu Sizzaman … From the name, you can think the dude is a ragamuffin from Kingston…Kumbe the fella lives in a muzigo in Nakulabye!

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