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Imagine Uganda in 2012

1. Imagine Uganda in 2012 with no drama of corruption scandals and ministers pretending not to understand the meaning of the word… “step aside!” Goodness if Sizzaman can understand stepping aside, what about Amama Mbabazi?

2.No, stepping aside is not the new dance from Jamaica! Kyoka AK47!

3.Imagine AK47 come 2012, with a new stage name that doesn’t frighten my grandmamma! Something like … CYBWNHBFTLJFBCB, that’s short for… “Chamilli’s young brother with no hit but flukes the limelight just for being Chamiili’s bro! Isn’t that a cute stage name?

4.Imagine 2012 with no one hit wonder international artistes visiting us! Please Ugandans, can we stop being that gullible?

5.Imagine the Jamaican Embassy in Uganda suing our artistes for abusing their mother language Patois, which they laughably use in their Luganda songs! Mbu … “Nze nkwagala girl wange…me na kiss you!” What the hell is that?

6.Imagine the hottest song in Uganda come 2012 sung by a Ugandan artiste being in any other language apart from Luganda! Can I hear an amen to that? Honestly aren’t you tired of words like … Kabiite, Nyeny’ekiwato etc?

7.     Imagine a Uganda in 2012 where pastors don’t pray for a bigger audience in their church and a bigger church in almost all their sermons! Mbu…”Lorda, I’m praying for more folk to minister to! I’m praying for more space to accommodate them!” Yeah righttt …

8. Imagine Uganda Cranes winning a trophy come 2012 that’s not Cecafa!

9.Imagine Uganda come 2012 with few mad men and women in our city masquerading as Parliamentarians, LC officials, taxi drivers, Uganda Veterans of the NRM Struggle and boda boda riders!

10.Imagine a Uganda come 2012 with no such university course as … Diploma in Wood Science and Technology! Honestly!!!

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