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1.Let’s play a game called truth or dare. Ok. I dare Bebe Cool to explain to us what his name exactly means. Does Bebe stand for a forgotten tribe of pygmies in the jungle forests of Congo?

2•I dare Sweet Kid to come up with another hit that doesn’t sound like he’s singing to a bunch of nursery school kids! Doesn’t he honestly sound like that? Like a rat trapped in a trap and wants to free itself!

3•I dare Weasel to throw a get-to-know-yourselves party for his children! Rumour has it that the dude even has children in Sudan. Mbu he doesn’t even know the number of children he has!

4•I dare Sevo to come up with another hit! If PGB come to arrest me for “getting used”  to their master, please visit me in Luzira!

5•I dare Coco Finger to spell the word… cantankerous! Okay, if that’s hard how about coconut? That’s hard too!? Jesus!
6•I dare Grace Nakimera to simply let go of the weaves! Are they wigs? Goodness how many does she have?

7•I dare Irene Namubiru to have a collabo with Juliana Kanyomozi entitled, Where Did our Love Go?

8•I dare Peter Miles to sing in real patois and not just mixing Luganda with broken English and passing it off as Jamaican flow! Same goes to the following: Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and of late, Cindy!

9•I dare Bebe Cool to truthfully tell us what exactly went down the night he was shot. Was it the policeman’s fault? Please Bebe be honest!

10•I dare Navio to have a collabo with Eagles Production band entitled: My flow is Sick!

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