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Swedish grandma should be stopped

It started as funny, probably still is but for how long? Monalisa Larsson, an elderly Swedish national has made it to the news for the second time after hooking herself a young man called Aziz Mawanda. The first time was a much-publicised romance between the 70-something year old woman and a 25 year old little-known artiste, Guvnor Ace. That ended badly, not that it was a surprise though. She claims that when he was taken to Sweden, he was around for three months before he fled the home. He says that their ‘project’ was done so he packed. What he really meant to say is that he robbed her clean and his conscience couldn’t allow him to stay. The guy is rumoured to be somewhere in Sweden doing God-knows-what.
This lady has no shame and is already back to hunt for young little known artistes to shack up with her. As expected, the boys are gullible. They are ready to look past the wrinkles and the stares for a more than decent life, a guaranteed VISA and all those stereotypes that come with dating an elderly white person. They forget that one kiss could send these centurions into a coma or a stroke. Probably this is why they want to take advantage. Hahaha the things that happen in Uganda never cease to amuse me. This lady certainly can’t be that stupid. She must know that these kids want her for the dime so what’s her agenda? What is she doing in Uganda anyway? She is always coy when asked these questions. Why is she looking for love here specifically? The huge media attention she is getting might delude her and everyone else into thinking that everything is okay but let’s just be honest, we are just a stupid society that feeds on gossip and scandal. It’s totally unacceptable. When the laughter wears off, we might have a big problem on our hands and could be bracing ourselves for the worst. This grannie has an agenda and it should be looked into.
And to the boys, have ko some shame. The cheapest route to the “outside countries” you dream about might prove costly in one way or another. Watch out.


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