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  • You don’t need the drama Sharon O

    “I  sought to craft out a career in the movie industry because I needed something that I could take credit for....

    Connie TiffsConnie NankyaJune 28, 2013
  • Former BBA housemates, Kyle, Goldie launch today Former Ugandan Big Brother Africa Star Game contestant Kyle is set to launch his...

    Four One Onesqoop writerNovember 30, 2012
  • Four One One
    Kyle to launch brand With BBA Housemate

    Former Ugandan Big Brother Africa Star Game contestant, Kyle, recently started a clothing line. He has shirts, caps and vests branded...

    sqoop writerNovember 16, 2012
  • Features
    From the horse’s mouth: Why berate former BBA housemates?

    Following my foray into continental celebrity and having had the amazing and life altering opportunity to represent/showcase my personality while representing...

    sqoopadminSeptember 7, 2012
  • Four One One
    BBA’s sheila bounced at YMCA game

    You can show off all you want but never try to upstage a basketball match because those people’s religion is called...

    Sqoop WriterJune 10, 2012