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Connie Tiffs

You don’t need the drama Sharon O

“I  sought to craft out a career in the movie industry because I needed something that I could take credit for. I cannot take credit for my looks. I had nothing to do with it. You can thank my mum for that – she had everything to with it but not me. So I needed to work hard and take credit for my hard work instead of being just a beauty queen,” said renowned movie actress Halle Berry.

To me, this statement says we must exploit our vast talents, skills, name it to compliment our God given beauty (which we all possess) and enjoy the fruits of hard work, right? It also means that we should get rid of the stereotype that every beautiful being is brainless, immoral and lives on the ‘opposite’ side of life.

So why do women like struggling music artiste/socialite wannabe Zari Hassan and former Big Brother Africa(BBA) contestant Sharon Nalukenge choose to attach value to beauty as opposed to working and being known for something? Certain things just do not make sense.
For starters, Zari has her own issues which I could relate to upbringing, oba? She strikes me as this ‘cry baby’ that would run to mummy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, auntie or uncle, each and every time that something wrong happened to her. Otherwise what explains this “public reporting habit” whenever her dude does something wrong to her? In other words according to her, there is no secret in their household. Jeez! Too wrong a habit for a woman, wife and mother, if you asked me.

Then, as for Sharon Nalukenge, well, we chose to let all the endless series of blonde moments pass when she represented Uganda in the BBA house and concentrated on the positives. Which included, her 91 days of decent existence and making it to the finals.

But then, her post BBA experience keeps going from bad to worse. Remember, I said earlier that we can use our talents to attach value to our beauty (please keep in mind that beauty lies in the hands of the beholder) so I expected to see more of Sharon O (like she calls herself) capitalising on her strengths and talents, and saving us the same old boring topic under the title- “Ronnie Mulindwa and I.” To which she gave the opposite. An episode full of  “So and so, tried to snatch my Ronnie,” “relationship to Ronnie on the rocks,” and recently the sickening Bermuda triangle featuring Zari the cry baby, Ivan the core source of the cry baby’s rants and Sharon O who allegedly joined that “social network.” And of course not forgetting Ronnie in the corner somewhere, who has sort of become a poet (nanti the wailing indirect posts keep flowing).

Ahem! Is this the best that the BBA experience and platform could fetch riyalle? In a world where gossip can make or break an image, it makes so much sense for one to work a little harder, build a career (in whatever field as long as they do it right) hence a lasting legacy and to cover up all the negatives (that come with every human being). International artiste Rihanna for example has had a series of negative publicity with on and off relationships, appearing drunk at some video shoots, flashing wrong fingers to fans, etc but she makes it up with her good music, enjoyed by her fans globally.

Local musician Cindy Sanyu has also had her issues with the nude pics episode, Blu*3 fall out, relationship breakup (at one point) but she let the hard work through good music play its part hence according her due credit.
Sharon O, can borrow a leaf too and snap out of this unending circus. I will not play “Judge Judy” in this boring local skit (starring the two couples) on whether or not the alleged break up has an iota of truth to it. Sharon O could try aiming at beefing up her strengths, if any, and take due credit for it as opposed to the never impressive go at music, endless defense in or against her love relationships, e.t.c.

I figure, no one would want to wake up old, look back and the only thing that their children can read about them is; “My mummy took part in BBA and did not win, then she always whined about a fellow dancer who had tried to snatch daddy and well, she finally, got involved in a love triangle, featuring another wannabe which eventually had daddy, mummy, the supposed step-daddy and mummy’s co-wife’s  reaction taken to the “people’s court”. Gosh, my head aches at the slight thought of it all!

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