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THE VIDEO: Slow Dancing


If you take out Azawi, Zulitums and a few other musicians, you would have no music industry left. Slow Dancing is living proof to that fact. The video is a cultural revolution, it cracks the right bolts and nuts, and gets the viewer rolling with imagination of the endless possibilities.

The video is a stark reminder that life can be enjoyed fully, without much stress to it. Shot at different scenes, the beach scenes stand out; the scooter, the passerby watching the slow dancing revolution train, it’s a video you can’t hate by all measures.

As it’s often said, the only downside to this video is that it ends. For good things should never end. We should be able to hold onto them and live with their effects. The costumes, the imagery, the story concept, there’s nothing to hate. Everything is perfection.

– Ian Ortega

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