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The video: Kyolowoza – Irene Ntale

If DJ Khaled watched this music video, he would blind out to all else that went wrong and credit one thing. That one thing would be the storyline. The kind that makes the viewer shed their biases of a patriarchal society to imagining a matriarchal one. That instantly grabs the viewer. We have the working class, provider lady, Irene Ntale calling the shots, then we have the stay-at-home father a.k.a house husband. You must love those scenes as the guy changes the baby’s diapers, and Irene Ntale is busy reading construction plans in her corporate outfit. But above all, we must give it up for the baby in this video; she is so lively, and so real – her laughter gravitates out of the video. To many a Ugandan men, this video would shock them, as they try to picture themselves in a long-distance relationship, where the roles are reversed. For Irene Ntale, these are the storylines that have punch-lines.


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