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Why take pics of someone in intensive care?

When parents complain about our generation, their reasons often hold water. Many of us are just a bunch of technology-obsessed lot who are losing touch with humanity each passing day. The faster iPhone 7 upgrades to iPhone I-don’t-know-what, the easier any form of common sense evaporates from our heads. We want to share, share and share. Facebook today is simply just a bunch of shared videos. We are more bothered about sharing funny (which some people may not find funny) videos and pictures than anything. Everyone wants their pictures and videos to go viral. We live for likes and more likes. Is it what gets many of us going? We want to share an experience via Snapchat or Instagram stories rather than meet up with friends and laugh about it. Humanity is dead and our parents are right. We are a lost generation.

Well just the other day, pictures of the ailing socialite Ivan Ssemwanga (RIP) in Intensive Care went viral on social media and I was disturbed. This is a guy who was clearly fighting for his life but someone had to spare time for a ka Kodak moment. What for? If you are badly desperate to share something, make a comic video, not take a picture of someone on tubes. A bloody text could have been used to inform his loved ones or followers about his health. There is no justifiable reason to take pictures of people on their sick bed.

The ones who go around sharing such pictures irritate even more. No chills at all. It is that attitude of trying to show everyone that you got the news first. Please guys, it is not a competition. Yes, you heard the news first. Now keep it or share it in a more respectful way. We can’t keep doing this and assuming that it is fine. It isn’t. People die and before they are even buried, pictures of them in caskets are shared and you just wonder where some people were raised. Respect people, especially at their weakest.

We know some of you hold some sleek phones with bomb cameras but control yourself. Go infront of your mirror at home and take selfies if you like. Take more pictures at parties or anywhere but kindly not of the ailing or anyone in pain. Now that Ivan Ssemwanga is gone, what did whoever shared his photo on tubes gain from it? RIP Ivan!

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