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The video: Mbozi Za Malwa- Bebe Cool ft Sauti Sol

Once upon a time, Kim XP was the King of music video production. We almost believed the hype until the doubting Thomases begun to see through the illusion. Sasha Vybz’s works on Mbozi Za Malwa are taking him via the same route. Despite the crystal clear images, one begins to question what else Sasha adds to a video. Almost Nil. Bebe Cool dons a traditional Ganda shirt while Sauti Sol settle for something to represent Kenya. Moving forward, the video is all about littering various Uganda and Kenyan cultural artefacts, from the gourds, the pots and the dances. Making matters worse, the Kinyarwanda dances are miserably choreographed. When the video comes to an end, one lets off a huge sigh. It was a visual journey to nowhere, pointless, directionless and forgettable as the conversations around a malwa pot. The end of Sasha Vybz can be seen atop ‘Hilton’ hotel. — Ian Ortega

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