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the acute angle : Don’t just assume things, ASK

Welcome back from the eternity that was January. It has this annoying way of dragging itself as if we have time. We move on quickly. Anyway why am I even lying? We went on with it, at its snail pace. Day by day, minute by minute. Time was still bagyenzi, but God delivered us eventually. February is here and we can say the year has officially begun.

Just the other day, I was imagining how many problems or how many disturbing questions would be answered if we simply inquired. Is this seat taken? Are you hiring? Uhmmm are you single? It’s always a range of situations where we could have asked but somehow we let a chance go. Dude, if your pal is dilly-dallying with a ka piece of chicken on his plate, ask him if he is going to eat it. He might just save you the embarrassment of staring at him all evening hungrily. Bloody glutton! Hehehe. We assume, put people on pedestals and watch our opportunities blow up in smoke. Sometimes we find the door open but we choose to walk through the key-hole. It’s the truth.

Before you assume this world is against you, pose a few questions. A friend is acting weird, ask them why. Someone doesn’t reply your texts for a few days and you want to call the police. Maybe her MBs ran out or she could have forgotten how to use the keyboard of her phone perhaps hehehehe… There are plenty of reasons, plenty of answers. Some are written on the wall but some of us are either scared to face them or stubbornly avoid facing them. Painful part is that the answers some of us are looking for are the ones we push away.

There is this pretty friend of mine called Claudine who says people assume that she is hit on every day of her life and yet she doesn’t even get invited on dates as often. They perceive that a stunning beauty like herself should have so many chaps at her feet begging to take her out. Nothing!!! She is as single as it gets. Guys are terrified. Maybe I should…… never mind. Don’t miss out on love because you are a wussy. Ask and if you get blasted, I know a good police station. Don’t be the guy who asks himself, “Oba what did she see in the guy?” When you were just there looking angaazi.

We also have people who assume to know everything about us. They think they know your entire life’s story yet they don’t. Before you create these impressions about me, walk up to me and ask. I am sure I will have the time to walk you through my life. Let’s stop assuming and do something as easy as ASK.

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