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The acute angle : Public Display of Affection – Call it PDA


Public Display of Affection (PDA) is received differently. There are people who still frown on it and a few who embrace it, depending on ‘how far your village is’. But let’s face it. The whole touchy feely thing with our couples has never really resonated well with Ugandans. We just see these things in movies and to be honest, the kissing in public looks good. It is a shame we were not briefed that a kiss on Miami streets is very different from that one delivered at Arua Park. In many romantic movies, there was rhythm and a certain spontaneity that came with each show of public display of affection. And there was music people. Music adds gloss to a scene of peeps kissing or holding hands on the streets. Not car horns and conductors shouting “Abagenda Ntinda-Naalya.”
I totally understand when the liberal few want to paint the streets with their love. PDA is like a stamp on a relationship. Chicks use this to mark their territories, to seek approval or just for the sake. Anti you know Ugandans with wanting to fit in. Ladies, if you want to know where you stand with a guy, hold his hand in public. If he holds yours tight in response, there is surely light at the end of the tunnel. If he repels you, there could only be two reasons; you are either the side chick or your significant other is a Mukiga.
These Bakiga are not about to hold your hand in public. The only time he will hold your hand is when he does not want you to wander around in a supermarket asking for things. It is not in their making. It is just a handful of Bakiga that will be all over the place broadcasting their love. For reference, check a Mukiga guy saying his marriage vows at the altar. It is a struggle but at least they are not trying to force it.
Anyway guys, do not lick your girl’s face all in the name of seeking approval. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. If it’s your thing, do it well and also mind who you do it in front of. People just get disgusted because fondling in public isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. People simply haven’t warmed up to the whole idea of showing love in public so reserve the face-licking and butt-groping antics to the bedroom.

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