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The acute angle : What do people want?

If you decide to buy your first shirt in five years and wear it, everyone will say, “FINALYYYY”. It is like they have been waiting day and night to see you revamp your wardrobe. That is when the love will start to pour in with all these compliments now that you are looking fresh. To maintain this new found love, you go out on a shopping spree and get a few more shirts and instead of patting you on the back for the effort, they will feel you are starting to over do it. That you are probably showing off now. They will probably feel that the new found fame has started to get to your head and that you are living extravagantly when you decide to buy a nice car for yourself. A car that you have worked so hard for.

People, what do you honestly want? What do you expect of a person who works tirelessly to make their life better? To give it to charity? Even if someone gives out their money to charity, they will feel that person is looking for publicity. It shows you how people will do anything to dictate your way of life. If you are assertive and speak your mind, they will say you have lugezi gezi (wiseacre) and when you are quiet, they will call you lazy and too submissive. You just wonder how being quiet and lazy are connected. It is the work of naysayers and negative people really. People should let others be.
Sometimes when I try to reach out to my friends and they start giving me their “I am busy” excuses everytime, do not meet me after six months and start giving me that “nga you are lost” nonsense. I will have tried so do not get surprised when I cut you off. Friendship is a two-way street so if you expect me to follow you to your bedroom to find out how life is going on with you, it is not happening. At least not in a million years. What do people want? Lap dogs they can order around? I have hahaad some of you people.
When you decide to show these Kampala chicks that you love them so much, they call you weak and not man enough and when you deprive them of love and attention, they call you a bastard. So now who is fooling who? You tell a woman that she is fat after she has asked you whether she is fat, she will call you insensitive yet you are only being honest.
I will not lie when I see something wrong yet she will be quick to say some clothes make her look fat yet in all honesty, she is simply fat and needs someone who loves her that much to let her know. I think these chicks want you to lie to them. What do you ladies want? To be lied to or told the truth?
It is almost impossible to figure out what people want.


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