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Acute Angle

The acute angle : Illuminati my foot!

Would you honestly believe that Eddy Kenzo, APass, Irene Ntale and a host of others were part of the Illuminati cult? Obviously not. In fact, I have chosen to treat this whole illuminati stuff making rounds in tabloids as absolute nonsense and a brainchild of some bored chaps looking for a day’s meal.

C’mon guys. This illuminati crap should not be paid any attention. The music industry has grown in leaps and should not be undone by a bunch of morons trying to increase newspaper sales. I always wonder why people’s success is always looked at with suspicion that all sorts of false stories will be concocted to explain their success, but I guess that is how we humans are. Many of us simply do not wish others well. Period. We tend to undermine the power of hard work so much that we suspect foul play in every success story told. How sad!
Our musicians and public figures have been accused of being part of an alleged secret, but not so secret society called Illuminati. Apparently, it is a sect mainly comprised of the most powerful and richest people in the world who have been made agents of the devil’s work. They simply trade their souls and in return the devil hands them power, wealth and many material things. The devil uses them to have control over governments and nations through some powerful avenues like music. Artistes such as Jay-Z, Beyonce and Rihanna are believed to be among the Illuminati sect. Whether this is true remains a huge mystery.
Now imagine poor Irene Ntale who is also on her own struggles has been accused of having committee meetings with the likes of Beyonce on how they can push Satan’s agenda forward. Cut the girl some slack. Chick already has ‘fake butt’ allegations to deal with and now this? Surely no. Let the chick be. Mbu she had to sell her soul to Satan to release hit songs like Gyobera, Olindaba and the like. Oh Puhlizzz! Competition in this young industry cannot be so intense that people have to do the unimaginable to pull through.
As surprising as it may sound to many, these artistes actually work hard. Really hard at that. Eddy Kenzo’s meteoric rise to music stardom did not come overnight. Dude has been putting in lots of work since 2008 and gladly, he has started to reap from his hard work.
Anyway guys, we all know the formula. The ones who have put in the work, persisted and kept God at the forefront have achieved. Obviously, it has not always worked for everyone. Others will argue that many people who use underhand means get success as well but it surely does not hurt that much to do right. Let us try to desist from shooting down some of our own who work tirelessly to attain success the right way.

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