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The acute angle : Tom, Dick & Lisa

To Lisa, her beau Tom presents the future. Through him, she can feel the future will be bright… why not? She and Tom come from way back — they have grown up in the same estate. They are a match made in heaven. At least their friends and family believe so. “When is the wedding?” They curiously ask. Lisa giggles and looks up to her Prince charming, who replies, “We are not in a rush and besides, I haven’t found the job I want to support my beloved Lisa.” Normally, you will notice the disapproval some friends will have with Tom’s candid answer. Tom is young, energetic and hardworking but is still looking for that breakthrough. He does not worry much because besides him, is a woman who will stand by to see that happen. Meanwhile, Lisa is just days from her 28th birthday and virtually all her friends are either pregnant or almost getting married. Tom won’t rush. He feels like the owner of his destiny. The problem with destiny is that it does not want to be owned. Tom will remain casual about life, knowing the only constant he can be sure of in his life is Lisa. Lisa will wonder why life isn’t moving faster than she thought. At 28, she will start to feel that she is wearing out and as expected, Tom won’t be bothered. Lisa will ask Tom to show more grit and start to look like the man she fell in love with. Tom’s only job is to show that he will do anything to keep her. She expects him to find meaningful employment like her friends’ husbands and boyfriends, then BOOM! The panic button is activated. Lisa will start to feel less worthy and guess who moves in next door, Dick Kasodde, a petroleum engineer. He might be slightly older, but whatever Tom promises in the future, Dick brings now. He might be witty, intelligent and ask to get to know her better. Lisa will hesitate but after being persistent, she will let her guard down. I mean, Dick isn’t a bad guy, after all. Tom, on the other hand, will be watching Arsenal highlights at home. Not bothered. Dick will remain friends, respecting Lisa’s relationship, albeit steady. Then, Lisa is put in the position where she is torn between her childhood sweetheart and this new charmer, Dick Kasodde. Tom hears rumours and will start raging and blaming Lisa for not being understanding. Dick, meanwhile, has nothing to lose and will watch from a distance. Lisa will feel this thing with Tom is weighing her down, so she asks for space. Tom will get weary and imagine that the world has come crashing down on him. Unemployed and on the brink of losing the love of his life, he shuts down. Dick will happily stand in a few weeks later. Lisa’s mind will be made up. And just like that, Tom will be a distant memory. You thought life was unfair? No boss, life is cruel! That’s how relationships play out in our city. Wait, did I mention this is a true story and Lisa is expecting her second born with Mr Kasodde? Munange yeah, Lisa chose Dick.. –

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