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The DVD : Kiss the Bride

Kiss the Bride

Kiss the Bride

I don’t understand how a movie can be as plot less as this one. It is so bad that weeks after watching it, I am still in shock that I finished it – I can’t think of anything that can keep you glued to it.

The setting is ordinary, the actors come off as clueless as a freshman would be about location of various departments on campus.
I wonder what C. Jay Cox, the director was thinking when he decided that in the movie Matt (Philipp Karner) a magazine editor, having hit a dead end goes to his childhood home on a mission to find an idea for a magazine cover. What he ends up with is impressive.

But how he decides on that isn’t. It is a romantic comedy that is not funny. So the best way to watch this is watch the first 10 minutes and then forward to the last five minutes. But better still, don’t watch it at all.

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