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Abantu Bakoowu

1.Mathias Walukagga has the hit of the year and its entitled… Abantu Bakoowu! Yes, Chamilli and Bobi, abantu bakoowu with your rubbish simanya … bombaclat!

2. Yes abantu bakoowu with NTV’s series that are in Spanish and are translated in English! Honestly….

3. Abantu bakoowu with artistes who like singing in “Jamaican language” when they went to Kazo Secondary School! Yes Bebe Cool abantu Bakoowu!

4. Abantu Bakoowu with corruption! Period.

5. Abantu Bakoowu with MPs who pretend mbu they are fighting for the ordinary Ugandan … but quietly accept Shs100m simanya “car loan!!!” Yes Betty Nambooze abantu Bakoowu!

6. Abantu Bakoowu with weaves! Moreover a weave called … half pencil! What the hell is that?

7. Abantu Bakoowu with bosses who sleep with interns!

8. If Uganda Cranes don’t make it for Africa Cup of Nations, we shall all sing for them… Abantu Bakoowuuuuu….

9. Abantu Bakoowu with SMS messages calling you to wedding meetings of people you don’t know about!

10. Abantu Bakoowu with men who put on sharp shoes … moreover brown in colour! Yuckkkk … can you get a woman with such shoes?

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