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The track: Prince Semakookiro by Mega Dee

Mega Dee

Mega Dee

Call it opportunism or whatever you may want to call it, but Mega Dee could have proved that he is as of now, one of the most awake and alert musicians on the block. As soon as Buganda Kingdom announced Prince Richard Semakookiro’s birth, he leaped and jumped at what he viewed as a cue for the next hit song. And as a result, we have a song that loyalists are now singing in praise of the prince.

It is hard to ignore the fact that Mega Dee’s music career has of late been anything but mega. Album launches have seen him endure the most painful of musical spectacles, performing to empty seats. The frequency of his songs’ airplay on FM radio stations has dwindled so bad, you almost cannot remember the last time you heard a Mega Dee song playing on the radio, save for Prince Semakookiro, of course.

So it’s only natural that the guy needed something that could keep him relevant, keep his voice in the ears of the music fans with which he was fast losing touch. And Prince Semakookiro could have done just that. You can’t help notice the over-baring attempt at musical survival here. A musoga man singing praises of the Kabaka like he is a Muganda, initiating himself into the Mamba clan, and then adding that it is the Mamba clan of Busoga that he is part of.

It is a Bakisimba track that you can trust will thrust any Kiganda traditional dance lovers to the floor into an immediate twisting of the waist as good as any that a Kiganda traditional dance showing can exhibit. And this will not do Mega Dee any harm.

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