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The acute angle: Avoid get rich quick schemes

The year is 2037 and Ugandans are still getting duped by these get rich quick schemes. I don’t know how much more Ugandans have to lose for them to wake up. Many of these schemes have been proven to be scams but for some reason, people keep buying in. There is no free money in this economy. Everyone is hanging onto their last coin. In fact, asking anyone to lend you money these days is simply wasting time. They will always act cagey, ignore your texts or coin some stories to brush you off. Even with this, some people still think that there are some angels from heaven so eager to dish out cash for free.

I understand that some of these business prospects are too good to be true and that’s exactly why there is a problem. Anything that is too good to be true or doesn’t require you to lift a finger for some huge returns should be questioned. A person you’ve never met willing to bring you from grass to grace is a con artist. That whole Pyramid arrangement where they ask one fool to convince another pisses me off. You find a sensible person whose hustle you’ve always believed in begging you to join a scheme that will change your lives forever. Like honestly, how? My hustle is slow but it will pay. Leave me the hell alone. Guys need to start believing this. The lure of quick money can be enticing but ignore it. Trust me, there is no one in this world who wants to give you money fwaaa.

I remember how Telexfree, one of the infamous Ponzi schemes fleeced many of my friends of millions. I had seen it coming. The offers were unbelievable. Any transaction where the product or service exchanged for money is not clear, there are bound to be problems. One of the parties could jump out and it would be difficult to back your claim of not being paid. What were you paying for exactly? A question many people find very difficult to answer because well, there isn’t anything substantial that they are buying in the first place.

I realise that to some extent, these schemes can be addictive. Once you start indulging in all these schemes, you will fee; compelled to jump onto the next bandwagon of scams. Let’s hang onto our legit hustles, however slow or less rewarding they are. With patience, the glory days are near. Avoid all these all these things people put together to fleece you. Nice weekend, guys.

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